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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  April 13, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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thanks for joining us. hello, i'm j.c. hayward. president obama will roll out a new spending plan today. aimed at slashing the nation's deficit. the white house proposal will call for some tax hikes on
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wealthy americans. but danielle nottingham reports, the republicans say raising taxes is not the way to reduce the nation's debt. >> reporter: president obama summoned leaders from both parties to the oval office this morning for a preview of the spending plan he'll outline later today. it is aimed at getting the deficit under control. the president will call for cuts in some military spending, savings and medicaid and medicare and people in upper income brackets. republican leaders say they want to work with the white house but they're already criticizing tax hikes. >> we can't tax the very people that we expect to reinvest in our economy and to create jobs. washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. >> reporter: the president stepped into the debate after republicans made their own proposal. the g.o.p. version overhauled medicare and mid cade and reduces tax on wealthy americans and corporations.
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the president's press secretary says that won't work. >> it places all of the burden on the middle class, on seniors, on the disabled, on people in nursing homes. >> reporter: this debate comes as congress gets ready for another spending showdown. lawmakers will soon vote on a bill that raises the federal debt limit. republicans say they won't do it unless it also includes more big spending cuts. but if lawmakers end up gridlocked on the debt limit, the government could default on its loans, a problem that could cause more economic chaos. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. before the president goes to george washington university, he will host house and senate leaders from both parties at the white house. he will give them a preview of his speech and fiscal policy. the meeting comes as congress begins a debate on the budget for next year and whether to raise the country's debt limit. d.c. mayor gray and others
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gathered in front of the planned parenthood headquarters yesterday. that demonstration followed the mayor's arrest on monday, protesting against that abortion ban and student voucher program that was attached to the federal budget compromise. mayor gray and 40 others were led away after refusing to leave the senate office building. our bruce johnson caught up with the mayor yesterday. >> what do you expect to come of this? will you do it again if need be? >> i certainly will. we recognize that just doing this on one occasion is not going to make any difference in the long run. >> the mayor is suggesting that d.c. residents work with their church and civic groups to eliminate those riders attached to the federal budget compromise. although mayor gray and the d.c. city council are upset about what congress took out, the budget deal did not kill everything for the district. it included a plan to have the
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district of columbia be the first jurisdiction in the nation to allow internet gambling. congress could have opposed the measure but it chose not to. the bill requires all gambling be done within the district. the d.c. lottery commission could launch that system later this year. maryland governor martin o'malley is planning to speak at a high level conference on u.s. islamic relations later today. he is the only governor on a long list of speakers dominated by u.s. and islamic government leaders, including secretary of state hillary clinton. governor o'malley has long had close ties with israeli leaders including former prime minister owe mert who kind at the governor's mansion back in 2007. the washington, d.c. man arrested while driving a jeep that was owned by murdered american university professor sue ann marcum entered a guilty
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plea in court. 18-year-old deandre hamblin pleaded guilty yesterday in d.c. superior court to unauthorized use of the vehicle. police caught up with him driving that suv shortly after marcum was found murdered in her bethesda home last october. so far, no one has been charged in her death. well, if you're planning to drive through rock creek park today, you might want to plan an alternative route. because a massive sinkhole has shut down traffic along beach drive and brought branch road. right now, there are no reports of damaged vehicles or injuries. crews are working to patch up the sinkhole in time for this evening's commute. some northern virginia officials are refusing to pay for the pricier underground metro station at dulles airport. sue ann reports while the airport's authority has voted on it, the debate may not be
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over. >> reporter: on a rainy day, the more expensive option that puts you closer to dulles airport may look appealing. >> but i'm one of those guys who is willing to pay a little more for something good. >> reporter: is it $300 million more appealing? >> money is tight. >> loud and fairfax county leaders say no. >> a few extra steps to save the money. >> reporter: the metropolitan washington airport authority voted last week on the pricier option bringing you closer to the terminal by 600 feet and keeping you out of the elements. local leaders say not so fast. they're not ready to get on board and wrote mwaa's association a letter. >> we will not fund the additional cost of the tunnel alternative at dulles airport when an alternative which is much less expensive and can be constructed with less risk and in a shorter period of time exists. >> even if it costs a little more, otherwise it won't get used as much. if we're going to spend the
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money, let's do it the right way. >> we've done just fine without it for 20 years, now we're worried about a little rain or wind, i think it is ridiculous. >> the silver line will be paid for mostly by dulles toll revenues. a quarter will be paid by the counties and airports authority. >> mwaa could bypass local leaders and build the underground dulles station anyway. that would eliminate stops in fairfax and loudoun counties. >> i think that's a mistake. >> reporter: at dulles international airport, surae children, 9news now. thank you, surae. the silver line project is expected to be completed in 2017. well, gasoline is costing more than $4 a gallon in some places and we want every drop. last year, maryland inspectors checked 30,000 gas pumps. they wanted to ensure that the pumps were dispensing exactly what the counter said. elizabeth says it would be pretty tough for most stations to cheat. there are seals and audit
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trails. as far as the station management doing it on purpose, it is not my impression that they do that. >> not your impression. >> not my impression. >> she says nearly 19% of the pumps that the agriculture department checked last year were in violation. still to come on 9news now at noon, another tsa pat-down video creates a stir across the country. see what passengers have to say about a child being searched. and horror and heartbreak in new york after police pull a van from the hudson river with a mother and three children inside. we'll be back.
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>> there was a horrible tragedy north of new york city. a mother drove her minivan into the hudson river, killing herself and three children. a fourth child, however, managed to escape. inez reports from newburg, new york. divers searched for about an hour before finding the minivan submerged in about ten feet of murky water. police say the mother, 25-year- old armstrong had been involved in a e just minutes before she loaded her four children into the family van and drove it off a boat ramp and into the hudson river. her 10-year-old son managed to climb out of the sinking car
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and went to get help. a woman drove him to a nearby firehouse. >> he was obviously very shaken up, having a difficult time trying to explain what happened. he was soaking wet. >> by the time firefighters and police pulled the van out of the water, everyone inside was dead. armstrong, her two other sons ages 5 and 2 and an 11-month- old girl. >> it is a very difficult tragedy. we will have to deal with it. >> armstrong lived about six blocks from where the tragedy happened in the town of newburg about 60 miles north of new york city. >> we're a tough city. we are determined. we are a giving city and we're compassionate city. >> police say family members called them shortly before the deadly incident saying there was trouble at the home but police say they have no record of domestic violence there in the past. inez, newburg. we have an update on the three d.c. firefighters injured
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battling a blaze in northeast last friday. one of the firefighters was released from the hospital last night. he is resting at home. three others are recovering after surgery. they should be released soon. all were injured in this house fire on 48th place northeast last week. coming up, howard and his forecast. >> j.c., leaving the umbrella inside right now, maybe a little drizzle left over. here's live doppler 9000 hd as we go to break and by the way, the rains have washed out the allergy count for today. that's a flood warning for the south branch of the potomac. we'll talk all about that and the weekend is coming up.
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>> a 6-year-old girl going through airport screening in new orleans. now, the images you're about to see have stirred up controversy and now the aclu is involved. our ken molestina went to reagan national airport to find out what some passengers think. >> now that the video has given many people reason to talk, we decided to show it to folks
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here at reagan international airport and see what they thought about it. the sounds and images of this confused little girl caused travelers we spoke to at reagan national to cringe. >> i think it is going too far. >> the video of this unidentified 6-year-old was taken at armstrong international airport in new orleans. the child, as you can see, is receiving an intensive pat-down by the tsa screener as her mother watches. >> i would never let my child go through customs and let them do that to her. never! >> reporter: this mother of a 6-year-old girl said she's deeply disturbed by the images. another mother echoed the same sentiments. >> i understand touching lightly but sticking the hand in the front of her pants, a little too much. >> the debate over whether the screener went too far has outraged so many even the americans with civil liberties union is involved. >> a child who is audibly complaining i don't want to do this, should at the very least have been given some privacy. >> the tsa maintains children have been used to carry
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explosives in some places and that they have to be subject to the same restrictions as adults in order to ensure safety. however, that explanation isn't sitting well with everyone. >> i mean, that's something most parents don't even do to their kids. i couldn't believe they touched her. >> they're not doing it to us, we're adults. they shouldn't be touching the kids like that. >> the sentiments among a lot of the people is how far are the screenings going to go? we're at reagan national, ken molestina, 9news now. our facebook page is full with comments on this video. bethany taylor says the search was wrong. she posted why in the world did they feel the need to pat her down? i really don't get it. i would definitely not let that happen. a they can scan my kids before they ever touched them. ernestine booker is disgusted but she understands. she said it looks wrong but a person wanting to hurt the u.s.a. will go to any extreme so i
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feel it is better to allow the search than to allow people to die because the tsa did not search the child. you can join that debate by going to our facebook page. just days after severe weather swept through virginia, one family is thankful that the smallest member of their family survived! two tornadoes hit pulaski county, causing more than $8 million in damage and injuring a pet chihuahua named paco. well, paco managed to walk away with just a fractured leg and a torn ear. terry bishop can't believe his best friend actually survived. >> it was a miracle. as much destruction that was done at my house, he shouldn't be alive. >> well, once doctors put a rod in the dog's leg, they say that he should be back to his old self in about a month. >> should change his name to
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lucky. >> he's a cute little something. >> ok. we had rain this morning. it looks like it is drying up now. >> trying to. skies getting a little bright in spots. we may see a few peeks of sun. i'm much more excited about tomorrow and friday and sunday. notice i didn't say saturday, j.c. not excited about saturday again, more rain. let's get you going with a look that the afternoon. we're looking at the rain that's been falling here as we've been going through the afternoon. i want to start with the day planner. slight chance of a lingering shower, some drizzle here for another couple of hours north of washington as temps climb from the mid to the upper 50s here. south and southwest of town, we'll make the low 60s. already there in culpepper. we're at 53 in town. by 9:00, mostly cloudy. 55. clouds will start to break up overnight. tomorrow, the sun is coming back. here is that satellite and radar. you can see the rain. the heavy rain we have this morning and rain totals, boy, they've really varied greatly from a tenth of an inch to .15
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to bill in newland to over two inches up near camp david. lots of rain north and west of town and this afternoon, we're look at just a little bit here still on live doppler 9000 hd. to our northwest and our northeast, a couple of sprinkles are showing up into western fairfax county. by the way, south branch of the potomac, you're going to crest later this evening, maybe about two feet above flood stage. the rest of us, some light showers here toward chantilly back into parts of prince william county. there they are on the eastern shore. west of easton over toward tillman and st. michael. then to our north and east. still rain, drizzle, mist, if you will. really from around college park, atlanta, bowie up toward bwi. ride up 95, 295, still a little bit on the damp side and there are the showers there in western fairfax county. columbia, you're still seeing some light rain. when you get to the western part of howard county, it is drying out a little bit. maybe some drizzle left over.
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only to gaithersburg, some light sprinkles there and in loudoun county, also up in the eastern west virginia panhandle, still the light areas of rain and drizzle and sprinkles. this stuff will start to wind up here. give it another couple of hours. still, the clouds, the rain. only 48 in martinsburg. 61 in orange. culpepper dropped from 61 to 59. washington, we sit at 54 with cloudy skies. no drizzle or rain reported. winds at 8. that's the beginning of the clearing process. the northwest winds, the storm has pulled away. once we get rid of the storm, we've got upper 60s in st. louis and memphis. that's an air mass we'll see tomorrow. the bigger picture shows that storm system that's been affecting us and is really pounding the rain and even some wet snow across parts of maine this afternoon, but here we are with the heavier rains now up into areas of pennsylvania and again, up into northern maryland. this is going to pull out in the next few hours. much better thursday and friday than what we're seeing today.
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this afternoon, upper 50s, still a shower. or drizzle possible. north of town. tomorrow, warmer. near 70. going to be a great day after starting in the 40s. 66 on friday. saturday, more rain. maybe thunder, 66. sunday, 62 and monday and tuesday looks spring-like again. can't wait for that. we're going to the kitchen. when 9news now at noon returns.
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booklets with recipes, central america, mexico, caribbean, spain. if you want to get a copy of their cookbooks, go to their web site. if you go to our web site, we'll have that information on there for you. i'm delighted. we have the great-granddaughter of the company's founder. her name is gari. what a delight to have you. the great-granddaughter of goya foods. >> goya foods, 2011, we're celebrating our 75th anniversary. so, we are celebrating this year by celebrating with goe food. what better to celebrate. >> youhayour eyes. >> ok. >> so, here we go. we're going to take red kidney beans, low sodium. what i like about this recipe, you can use any type of bean that you like. i'm using kidney beans, black beans, low sodium chickpeas. >> and? >> and pinto. these are drained and rinsed. >> you do rinse them?
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>> i do. it reduces the sodium content by 40%. you want to help me pour in some of the ingredients. i have a tomato chopped up. >> this is some cilantro for a little green kick. >> red onion. >> red onion. >> and some garlic. >> fresh garlic. >> i can help you with that. there you go. get it all in there. you want all of that flavor. >> ok. >> i'll mix it up. >> i'm going to be making the salad dressing. >> ok. what are you going to put in it? >> we're going to put about a quarter of a cup of red wine vinegar. >> ok. 45 seconds. we're going to do about a quarter of a cup. of olive oil. >> this is on our web site, the recipe is very easy. >> very easy. happening before your eyes. >> what's that? >> it is an all-purpose seasoning, basil, salt and pepper. it is your secret ingredient now. >> ok. >> and this is what it looks like when it is finished. you put a little shrimp,
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grilled shrimp on the top. whatever meat you want to. i said the recipe is on our web site at carey, i think i mispronounced your name. the great-granddaughter. so cute. >> thanks for having me. >> come back and join us at 5:00.
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